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Thu Feb 6 11:12:47 EST 2003

>>Fanny is the short form of the female name
>>>  "Frances". So there.
>>Thats "Franny" you're thinking of Sally, this
>>confusion is the source of several dirty jokes. ;-}
>You mean the title of _Fanny Hill_ wasn't just her name, 
>but....ohmygosh. I knew it was a feelthy novel, but that little 
>double-entendre completely escaped me.

I don't think it had that meaning that early, though.  Funnily 
enough, I gave my mother a (huge) dictionary of slang for Christmas, 
and we spent some time reading the entries on this very word!  Dunno 
about F. Burney being called Frances nowadays, OU lit courses refer 
to her still as Fanny Burney.

Hallie (who despite living in Ireland for well over 25 years in 
total, only learned of the UK meaning of this word on this very list 
a year or two ago!)

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