Childhood favourites (Was Oh the horror!)

Margaret Ball margaret at
Thu Feb 6 09:51:52 EST 2003

Five favorite children's books that I actually read as a child?

The Sword in the Stone
Dr. Doolittle
The Oz books
Some series of children's historical novels by an author whose name I 
have now forgotten, called "Two Little Maids of [fill in place name] 
which I don't really want to hunt down because they were probably a lot 
better when I was eight years old than they are now
Stalky and Co.
Kim (ok, it's not supposed to be a children's book, but I practically 
memorized it)

....and a special place for the Narnia books, which were (for me) a 
lost-and-found-again miracle. When I was in third grade our home room 
teacher read us a chapter from _The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe_ 
every afternoon at the end of school. Well, being eight years old, I 
didn't pay any attention to title and author. And I went to a different 
school the next year. And for years I remembered it as "that wonderful 
story" while forgetting more and more of the details.

Then when I was a teenager one of my friends got another one of the 
Narnia books (I think it was _The Silver Chair_) for Christmas and I 
picked it up and said, "THAT'S IT!!! It's not the book I remember, but 
it has the same flavor, I gotta get everything this guy ever wrote," and 
started haunting bookstores until I had acquired the whole series.

Margaret Ball

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