Childhood favourites (Was Oh the horror!)

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Thu Feb 6 07:25:30 EST 2003

JOdel wrote: 
> Five favorite children's books that I actually read as a child?
> No, it wouldn't have all that much resemblance to the same 
> list if I included current favorites, would it? 

Mine neither. And some things I can't really remember when I first read
them. I know I didn't read much DWJ until my mid-teens, though.

Dr Doolittle. We had one of the books but some friends we occasionally
stayed with had all of them, so I'd disappear off to read!
The Silver Brumbies. I didn't go for pony books much, but these were *wild*
Oz. (Just the Baum ones. I was given them gradually for birthdays and
Christmas for about 4 years).
Little House.
Sam Pig, and other Alison Uttely books.
Malory Towers.
Professor Branestawm, by Norman Hunter. I also loved The Dribblesome

Individual books:
The Wolves of Willoughby Chase.
A Traveller in Time.
Stalky and Co- I read the school parts and ignored the epilogue about them
as adults.
An Ordinary Princess. I've tried M. M. Kaye's adult books now, and don't
find them as good as this.
Shen of the Sea, a collection of Chinese folk stories, with wonderful
Raging Robots and Unruly Uncles (Margaret Mahy).

I know as soon as I hit send I'll think of more! I don't know how I would
have ranked these as a child. These daysI'd only read Enid Blyton for
nostalgia, the Chinese stories, Oz, Sam Pig, Dr Doolittle or the Silver
Brumby if I was in the right mood, and the others any time.
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