The Way Men Look (was Re: Fat and lit)

Ms Kathleen Jennings s368333 at
Thu Feb 6 01:50:12 EST 2003

Men - especially good/good-looking men - seem to be described less frequently
and in a lot less detail in books than women do. It seems they are allowed to
get by more on the basis of personality. Or maybe the stereotypes are so strict 
that no-one feels required to bother describing them at all???
Re Spike and Xander - I always liked Spike more as a character, but Xander better
as a person. 
Re beards - we didn't have the best experience in my family. My father likes his
hair short and my mother couldn't be bothered cutting it. Usually he'd collect my
sister's and my hair bands, barrets etc and put them in his hair and sit at the 
table until she noticed, but she chose not to. So he said he wouldn't shave until
she cut his hair. It was horrible. He looked like I always imagine Pa Ingalls would,
but probably more tangled and bushy and wild. My mother hated it, he couldn't stand
it and at last on the way home from town one day he stopped at a neighbour's, borrowed
their electric shears (i.e. wool shears) drove home and said "Take it all off". After
which they reached the mutual understanding that he would go to a barber shop (once my
mother had approved the length at which his hair was to be cut).
I've never quite worked out why balding men seem to mind so much - I think it looks
fine, no better or worse than hairy and a *lot* better than a combover.
But I wouldn't like to lose my hair.


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