Buffy, Suzy McKee Charnas, Fairuza Balk, etc.

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Wed Feb 5 20:45:02 EST 2003

> She'stinly the only person on either show I'd *ever* date.  'Cept
> maybe Oz.  Maybe I just share Willow's taste.

Ooh, yeah, how did I forget Oz? Well, I know: I'm fairly new to Buffy,
having only watched this season, last season & I think the previous even
close to entirety. Wanting to catch up over the summer, I borrowed all
the Buffy tapes the library had--not that many, & I got them all out of
order because I had to put holds on all of them--but yes, Oz=yum.

> On Christmas: I got this behind in email because my Christmas (and
> birthday, and graduation) present was a trip to Japan.

Nice! I was there for the first two weeks in January... *sniff* I don't
think I can ever really travel too much. Re: HP in Japanese--weren't the
movie posters better than the ones we got here in the US? I liked them
much more!

Thanks for the rec re: Bone Doll's Twin, too--I v. much enjoy sf/f that
explores gender, so I'll have to check it out. And I loved The Fall of
the Kings--I guess I joined the list after whatever discussion took
place--but it was fab!

>> Charnas (anyone read her YA trilogy, the Valentine
>> Marsh books?)... Hm...
> Yes!  I loved these in late elementary/early middle
> school.  I got them out of the library, and then later
> realized that I wanted to own them and couldn't find
> them for a number of years.

They're back in print now! Hooray! Now we can force them on everyone we
know. ^_~ Except they're only available in hardcover, I believe, which
is terrible (www.wildsidepress.com). (Oh, & Uncle Hugo's is pretty
cool--I visited there when I was in MN & I think either I found
something I'd been forever searching for [third book of Midori Snyder's
Oran Trilogy, maybe? Also coming back into print] or found a lot of
copies of things I HAD been searching for but had finally found)

Have you read any other of her books? The Holdfast Chronicles are v.
interesting, particularly because it took her 30 years to finish them &
you can kind of see the progression of feminist thought & politics as
the series goes on.

Oh, & I never knew Fairuza Balk had such a career! Goes to show you how
much attention I generally pay to movies... oops. (I have a short
attention span when it comes to movies, so I don't see all that many)


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