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Wed Feb 5 18:46:07 EST 2003

>From: Melissa Proffitt I have to disagree with you very strenuously.  The 
>fact that you prefer
>brevity does not equate to Williams' writing being overdone or bad.

note: i'm just talking about MS&T. i haven't really tried otherland and 

sure, my personal taste is for brevity but i believe that williams is a bad 
writer all the same. he can't write dialogue and covers it up with endless 
flowery prose. MS&T, imo, is full of redundancy and crappy metaphor. weak 
writing, gussied-up.

honestly, i do believe that length is a weakness.

>And in reference to your other post about listening to us about fantasy:
>Aren't you here because you like DWJ?  Doesn't that qualify as fantasy?

well, i'm aware. i am saying that i got bored of the "fantasy" section of 
the book store, i guess. stopped being able to be interested in these quest 
fantasy novels with their cliches. that's all.

i moved on to novels set in the real world, not because i didn't like 
fantasy anymore but because they seemed to have deeper, more interesting 
characterizations, better and more inventive writing, etc. things that i 
liked. DWJ has these things and i love her for it. i don't feel that writing 
set in the real world is preferable to fantasy (or the other way, either. 
i'll read either equally happily.) most recently i read lolita and was 
floored. but i was almost as floored by the queen of attolia, a rec i got 
from this list.

>We can all just *tell* you what to
>read and then most of the hard work will be done.  :)

please do.


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