Friendship and Fat and lit

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Wed Feb 5 15:05:28 EST 2003

--- Margaret Ball <margaret at> wrote:
> If falling in love doesn't disqualify the
> friendship, what about Ursula 
> LeGuin's "The Beginning Place?"  The friendship
> between Hugh and Irena 
> is shown as something real and independent of "love"
> - they don't stop 
> being friends when he falls for Allia. And although
> Hugh gets more 
> physically fit in the course of the book (well,
> you'd have to if you 
> change careers from checker at a supermarket to
> slayer of monsters in a 
> mountanous country) he is always described as heavy,
> bulky, to the point 
> of being somewhat awkward with it.
LeGuin is very interesting on Frienships and their
differences from love, and they appear in several of
her works. "Very far away from anywhere else" (I may
not have that title quite right and it is slightly
different in the UK and US) is also about the
friendship been a YA boy and girl that remains a
friendship. The girl (IIRC) makes a conscious decision
that their relationship is not sexual, but just a
friendship between two people.


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