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On Wed, 5 Feb 2003 johanna at nobrandheroine.net wrote:

|> But I'm President and Sole Member of the Blade Fan Club?  I'd probably
|> go for Kit, too, but I have this thing for humanoids.  Griffins are a
|> little bit outside my personal range.
|No, I think Blade is cute, too--in Year of the Griffin, anyway. I think in
|Dark Lord of Derkholm I just saw him as Derk's young son. Actually, I have
|a thing for Derk too!

True -- the Blade thing is only in YotG, for me.  He's too young in feel
until the very end of DLoD.

|Re: Spike & Xander: nay to either of them. Well, Spike on occasion, but
|most of the time, eh. I *sniff* prefer Tara.

She'stinly the only person on either show I'd *ever* date.  'Cept maybe
Oz.  Maybe I just share Willow's taste.

deborah at suberic.net
"The doctors guaranteed the treatment would fry the fairy clean
out of him. But all it did was make him bonkers every time he
heard electric guitar."         -- Velvet Goldmine

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