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Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 5 14:57:55 EST 2003

--- christian nutt <ferricide at hotmail.com> wrote:

> (note: he's often tried to get me to read the wheel
> of time books by saying 
> that they're boring and irritating. i'm
> oversimplifying but not really 
> misrepresenting. i do not understand this argument.)

I'm still an avid reader of these, but after nothing
happening in the last few, I'll wait for the new one
to appear in paperback (and probably be remaindered
before trying it)
> later i tried to read the first scions of shanarra
> book, and gave up much 
> quicker that time around. maybe about a third of the
> way.
I have never attempted to read another Shanarra book,
but I do buy them when they are second hand, one day
if I have nothing better to do I may try again. My all
time favourite book blurb is on an obscure fantasy
novel from an Aussie small press from the seventies
"in the tradition of Sword of Shanarra"

> this coming from someone who sucked down david
> eddings books and read all of 
> xanth that was published by 1992 or so.
I like Eddings and think it a great pity that he has
only ever written one book - again and again and
I also have a soft spot for Xanth - in small doses.


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