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Wed Feb 5 14:50:07 EST 2003

>>myGod this list has been busy of late!!
> yes. it is unreal. =)

Yes, I can't keep up w/it! Yikes! I am reading avidly, though--you all
have such interesting things to say.

> the real reason i don't like the books anymore is not because of the
> narrative, which is actually chock full of good things. i just can't
> bear  his writing anymore. it's really exceedingly overdone.

Yep, that's a problem for Tad, it seems. This discussion made me laugh
because a friend & I recently just started talking about the same thing.
She's rereading Dragonbone Chair & is getting bored w/it, & I mentioned
that I didn't reread it because I feared I would have the same reaction. I
used to love MST when I was younger. I had a huge crush on Josua in high
school. But I'm not sure it would hold up to a reread now.

Otherland especially is verbose... he has so many interesting ideas, & he
has some good writing bits in there, but it's just all so... LARGE. (As an
aside, if anyone who -does- read Tad would like a set of Otherland
books--I'm giving away/swapping mine for the price of postage or other
books or whatever--let me know off-list if you want 'em!!)

> i also really began to hate the characterizations of all of the races. i
>  don't understand fantasy races and their boring cliched racism against
> one  another and their pathetic tendency to have very specific and
> different  social norms so that people can be shocked and offended all
> day.

Yeah, it gets so old. I think you mentioned in another post that you used
to read Eddings voraciously--me too! And when I woke up & realized how
horrid he was, one of the things I noticed was his amazing "this race
Good, this race Bad" schtick. Not all that uncommon, sadly.

I know there IS a lot of pap out there in the fantasy genre... I'm a
little saddened by how people seem to have given up on it for that reason.
I mean, I'm pretty picky (no comments about HP from those who are more
critical of it than I, please ^_~ ), but there's still loads of fantasy
out there that I love. Mostly urban fantasy at this point--but let's see,
quick & dirty list of authors: Terri Windling (both her own stuff & the
things she's edited), some Charles de Lint (got sick of his
repetitiveness, but The Onion Girl is amazing), Emma Bull, Pamela Dean,
Midori Snyder (doesn't get half the recognition she deserves!), Suzy McKee
Charnas (anyone read her YA trilogy, the Valentine Marsh books?)... Hm...
I'm at work & should probably go do work, so that's all for now, I
think... And I still need to check out a lot of the things mentioned here
that I've never even heard of!


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