tad williams (was Re: : fantasy monarchies)

christian nutt ferricide at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 5 14:01:49 EST 2003

i read 90% of the first sword of shanarra book back in my fantasy days at 
the insistence of a close friend. i just up and put it down at that point, 
not caring about the outcome and sick to death of it. that's never happened 
with a book before or since.

(note: he's often tried to get me to read the wheel of time books by saying 
that they're boring and irritating. i'm oversimplifying but not really 
misrepresenting. i do not understand this argument.)

later i tried to read the first scions of shanarra book, and gave up much 
quicker that time around. maybe about a third of the way.

this coming from someone who sucked down david eddings books and read all of 
xanth that was published by 1992 or so.

driving last night i was thinking about how i still have a fondness for the 
things about fantasy i like, but since i detest the things that i don't it 
makes it very hard to find any middle ground in the genre and that's why 
i've just given up.

i guess that if i listened to other people on this list i'd find things to 
like in it. maybe i should start doing that -- it just gets kind of 
confusing, i'm busy, and have other interests as well. =)


>From: Margaret Ball
>Generalizations like that always make me want to look for a 
>counter-example....but in this case I'd have to read the book to find one, 
>and I can't. I really can't. I tried once and got about three pages in and 
>felt that reading any more might cause irreversible brain damage.

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