Friendship and Fat and lit

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what about year of the griffin? that's all about friendship.


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> >  > On Mon, Feb 03, 2003 at 10:41:19PM -0800, Denise DeGraf wrote:
> >>  > Recommendations for tales of friendship, anyone?
> >
Jennifer wrote:
> >Um. Mahy's Catalog(ue) Of The Universe has Angela and Tycho 
> as friends, the
> >plot is around her finding her father but their friendship 
> is important in
> >it. It's surprising how difficult this is- I suppose heroes are often
> >loners, and either are away from friends and family, or too 
> busy Saving the
> >World to bother, or they fall in love.

Hallie wrote:
> But the falling in love doesn't disqualify the friendship, does it? 
> Can't, given the example you chose.  

I don't think it does, (I was friends with my SO long before we went out!)
but most of the books I can think of where people fall in love, they aren't
friends beforehand. 
I was musing aloud, really. It seems difficult to think of books where
friendship is an important aspect of the book, rather than just featuring
characters who have friends. 
I guess Magicians of Caprona is a good ObDWJ, without the friendship that
starts during the book the White Devil might have won.
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