Fat and lit

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>Yes, they may not be allowed marmalade, but they are happy with their sizes.
>They have a conversation with Gwendolen in which she calls them fat, and
>they reply along the lines of: i like being plump, it's comfortable, not
>like being a china doll.

Yes, but it still changes the dynamic of the book.  Milly is 
described as a plump lady, and if either she or Crestomanci is 
deciding that the children's weight isn't acceptable, then one or the 
other of them is not happy with Milly's weight.

>Someone with better access to the books please look this up, i don;t think i
>could figure it out from the swedish version.

"We're too fat," Julia said, calmly taking the knife and the 
marmalade after Roger had done with them.  Cat was not surprised when 
he saw how much marmalade they had managed to pile on their bread. ...

Gwendolen looked at them with disgust, and then, rather complacently, 
down at her trim linen dress.  The contrast was certainly striking. 
"Your father is such a handsome man," she said.  It must be such a 
disappointment to him that you're both pudgy and plain, like your 

The two children looked at her placidly over their cliffs of 
marmalade.  "Oh, I wouldn't know," said Roger.

"Pudgy is comfortable," said Julia.   "It must be a nuisance to look 
like a china doll, the way you do."

And then the food fight begins.


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>>Can't remember whether anyone has mentioned Milly in CL as example of
>>fat nice person who seems perfectly happy with herself. And Julia and
>>Roger seem fairly OK with being fat as well. I have just spotted an
>>inconsistency there - how come those two aren't allowed marmalade
>>because they're too fat, but are allowed to eat cream cakes?
>Bother.  I was thinking of Roger and Julia as good examples of nice
>and powerful and happy characters who were also plump.  How could I
>have forgotten the not being allowed marmalade?
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