tad williams (was Re: : fantasy monarchies)

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 5 05:59:19 EST 2003

--- christian nutt <ferricide at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Jon says:
> >myGod this list has been busy of late!!
> yes. it is unreal. =)
> >OK The traditional Dark Lord character in MS&T,
> >Ineluki, has some very genuine reasons for hating
> >humanity. They are invaders of his land so in this
> >respect he is more like an Australian aboriginal or
> >American Indian leader than Sauron. He is not
> someone
> >in rebellion against The Right Order of things,
> merely
> >someone who is very pissed off with the Current
> Order
> >because it done him wrong, when his people were
> >exterminated for entirely selfish reasons by
> humanity.
> that's what i figured you meant. i dunno, that might
> be original for fantasy 
> (i haven't read a lot of it) but it doesn't strike
> me as original in the 
> grand scheme of things. of course, this is
> retrospective.

It's still far too common in fantasy for the Enemy to
be just pure EVIL, of course this is not the case in
real life, or in any form of literature that seeks to
emulate real life. While there are certainly some
people around who are pretty EVIL, they rarely get to
rule countries (or even terrorist networks). Despite
what Dubya wishes us to believe even Osama Bin Laden
has goals which he, and many others, perceive as
legitimate, no matter how much they may conflict with
my interests. Even on that petty personal level people
usually have some good in them. I have known several
murderers - I went to school with one, and taught two
others (that I know about), they were sad people, and
pretty nasty and unpleasant people - but I wouldn't
put them in the same category as Sauron.

> i recently reviewed a game that took this convention
> as fantasy gospel and 
> used it in almost every dialogue sequence. i wanted
> to brain the scenario 
> writer after an hour or two.

In my Role Playing days we had great fun playing with
the conventions of fantasy in characterising various
races. Orcs for instance were all very highly
unionised and would call a strike if they started
getting massacred by the players. Dwarves were heavily
in sexual perversions. 


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