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christian nutt ferricide at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 5 03:18:50 EST 2003

Jon says:

>myGod this list has been busy of late!!

yes. it is unreal. =)

>OK The traditional Dark Lord character in MS&T,
>Ineluki, has some very genuine reasons for hating
>humanity. They are invaders of his land so in this
>respect he is more like an Australian aboriginal or
>American Indian leader than Sauron. He is not someone
>in rebellion against The Right Order of things, merely
>someone who is very pissed off with the Current Order
>because it done him wrong, when his people were
>exterminated for entirely selfish reasons by humanity.

that's what i figured you meant. i dunno, that might be original for fantasy 
(i haven't read a lot of it) but it doesn't strike me as original in the 
grand scheme of things. of course, this is retrospective.

the real reason i don't like the books anymore is not because of the 
narrative, which is actually chock full of good things. i just can't bear 
his writing anymore. it's really exceedingly overdone. he could've doen the 
same books in half the wordage. at the most. he's fond of repeating 
metaphors that aren't even that good to begin with. i crave brevity.

i also really began to hate the characterizations of all of the races. i 
don't understand fantasy races and their boring cliched racism against one 
another and their pathetic tendency to have very specific and different 
social norms so that people can be shocked and offended all day. i got 
really bored of this convention of fantasy and it's one of the reasons i 
think i stopped being able to enjoy or take it seriously.

i recently reviewed a game that took this convention as fantasy gospel and 
used it in almost every dialogue sequence. i wanted to brain the scenario 
writer after an hour or two.


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