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Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 5 01:51:43 EST 2003

Warning for spoilers in what follows;
--- christian nutt <ferricide at hotmail.com> wrote:
> oh, no, don't take it the wrong way!
> i'd actually like to discuss it, if you're in the
> mood (and it won't drive 
> the other listmembers crazy.) in no small way
> because i'm actually familiar 
> with the material and thus for once capable of
> contributing to a non-DWJ 
> topic (ok, i burbled about harry, but that's nothing
> special...)
> so let's backtrack...
> >From: Jon Noble > >Tad Williams turned on a few -
> the nature of evil,
> > > >prophecy and deep history in Memory, Sorrow and
> > > Thorn;
> don't get it. the nature of evil seems pretty
> blatantly evil and not 
> particularly imaginitive in the book.

myGod this list has been busy of late!!
OK The traditional Dark Lord character in MS&T,
Ineluki, has some very genuine reasons for hating
humanity. They are invaders of his land so in this
respect he is more like an Australian aboriginal or
American Indian leader than Sauron. He is not someone
in rebellion against The Right Order of things, merely
someone who is very pissed off with the Current Order
because it done him wrong, when his people were
exterminated for entirely selfish reasons by humanity.
> not sure what you mean about the prophecy

The books have the prophecy of the swords and the
"beware the false messenger" prophecy. These are the
basis for most of the action in the book. It turns out
that both of these are actually instruments of "evil",

 or "deep
> history" .. i don't think 
> i even know what deep history is. =)

Deep History is all the history that has happened
before the beginning of a fantasy novel, but still is
reponsible for much of the action. One example of this
in MS&T is the dragon that Prestor John slew who's
skeleton forms the dragonbone chair. It turns out that
Prestor John never killed it, simply stumbled upon its
bones. Another would be all the stories about the evil
Ineluki turn to be more victor's propaganda than fact.

Jon - who having read a few of his own posts feels he
needs to point out that all typos are deliberate. Like
artists of old they are the deliberate blemish put
upon an otherwise perfect work so the Gods will not
think me guilty of Hubris.

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