Childhood favourites (Was Oh the horror!)

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Wed Feb 5 01:27:32 EST 2003

--- Sally Odgers <sodgers at> wrote:
> A colleague invited me to submit 5 favourite books
> *I liked best as a
> child*. Imagine my horror when I realised *none* of
> my favourite DWJs
> qualified? In fact, almost all my favourite
> children's books were published
> in the '80s or beyond. And I was born in 1957. Or
> else they were pubbed in
> time (i.e. The Perilous Gard) but I found them
> later.

like you I'm too old to have read DWJ in my childhood,
and even many of the childhood greats I didn't read
until mid to late teens and so I won't include them
either. I don't intend to stop at five or keep to any
special order either.

Frank Dalby Davidson; "Children of the dark people
"(no dates for any of these - but this one was first
pub'd in the '30s I think) we had this read to us in
school in third class and I loved it, discovered my
mother had a copy from her childhood and read it
several times. No doubt it would now be regarded as
racist, but it probably was one of the seminal works
of Oz fantasy. I don't think its in print any more and
my sister has snaffled my mother's copy.

Enid Blyton; "The boy next door" and "the wishing
chair". Enid Blyton has a lot to answer for, and
introducing several generations of children to fantasy
and mystery stories two of them.

AA Milne "winnie the pooh" how could we not include
them - one of the masterpieces of english literature.
In my final year of high school our physics class
spent all time discussing winnie the pooh and quantum
theory - we completely ignored things like circular
motion that were just boring, while at Uni several of
the lecturers gave lunchtime winnie the pooh readings.
I think the reason I hate Disney is because of what he
did to Winnie the pooh

JM Barrie "Peter Pan" - the disney comments apply here

Kenneth Graham 'Wind in the willows" - I still want a
gypsy caravan. (as does my daughter - she shocked her
careers adviser at school by telling him that that was
her ambition - she went to a highly selective school
everyone else wanted to be doctors, lawyers or
research scientists)

May Gibbs - "Snugglepot and Cuddlepie" I'm sure even
Sally (no Tolkien here) Odgers will have read this one
and loved it.

WE Johns "Biggles" yes nearly all the hundred odd
titles. From him I learnt that Robert Jordan just
lacks ambition.

Ivan Southall "Simon Black" the Aussie Biggles - the
series became SF after a few books with Simon Black
going into space and such.

Ed Hamilton "the Haunted stars" not a great book by
any means, but the one that hooked me on SF

Edith Nesbitt "Five children and it" I heard this one
serialised on the radio and just had to read it.

I'll probably think of a whole lot more after I send
this, but this'll do for now.


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