tad williams (was Re: : fantasy monarchies)

christian nutt ferricide at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 5 01:21:26 EST 2003

oh, no, don't take it the wrong way!

i'd actually like to discuss it, if you're in the mood (and it won't drive 
the other listmembers crazy.) in no small way because i'm actually familiar 
with the material and thus for once capable of contributing to a non-DWJ 
topic (ok, i burbled about harry, but that's nothing special...)

so let's backtrack...

>From: Jon Noble > >Tad Williams turned on a few - the nature of evil,
> > >prophecy and deep history in Memory, Sorrow and
> > Thorn;

don't get it. the nature of evil seems pretty blatantly evil and not 
particularly imaginitive in the book. ok, i'm being an adolescent breaking 
his toys (well, a post-adolescent breaking his adolescent toys...) tad 
williams is a funny thing to me; he was the most important author for me at 
that time, possibly, but he didn't live past that time. DWJ started before 
and endured after.

not sure what you mean about the prophecy or "deep history" .. i don't think 
i even know what deep history is. =)


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