tad williams (was Re: : fantasy monarchies)

Liina Poropudas lina at niksula.hut.fi
Wed Feb 5 01:09:58 EST 2003

On Tue, 4 Feb 2003, Jon Noble wrote:

> Sorry for keeping on about TW. I love MS & T and liked
> Otherland a lot. I regard MS & T as one the Important
> Works of Fantasy - for the reasons I've stated. I

Well, I too did love MS&T. Perhaps I wouldn't feel as strongly if I read
it now - but then, I also loved Eddings when I was 13 :-)

But Otherland - well. There's a book that would have been excellent if
compressed into, say, two books. It was just so _huge_ it exhausted me.
Additionally, I managed to finish book three but, due to a personal life
crisis related to little brothers, the thought of reading the fourth book
was a bit much at the time. (For those who have not read the series:
rescuing a little brother is a driving force in it.) Now I might
consider getting back to it - but I can't remember next to anything about
the first, second or third book and the thought of revision... Brrr.

> I should also add that a work can be an Important Work
> of Fantasy without being at all good, or indeeded
> having any redeeming features at all - The Sword of
> Shanarra is an example.

Oh dear. I think that you may, unfortunately, be right.

And a totally OT announcement that makes me happy: booksales in Finland
begin tomorrow, at 7 am at some shops. So guess where I'll be :-)


	- Liina

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