fairuza balk (was Re: HP & DWJ)

christian nutt ferricide at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 4 22:40:45 EST 2003

>I like her when she's being open-eyed innocent, but find her creepy and 
>disturbing in the more goth bad-girl roles she's had.

funny; i have the opposite reaction. i find her to be excellent as the 
creepy and disturbing person and creepy and disturbing as the innocent. then 
again, that might be colored by return to oz which is a creepy and 
disturbing (and, imo, kind of bad) film.

she's also very good in american history x, though she has a very minor 

i prefer valmont to dangerous liasons in a number of ways, one of which is 
because glenn close is just unbearably icky but annette benning is 
delightfully evil. or that's how i feel, anyway. =)

she was meant to be on the current season of the sopranos. she was in the 
final episode of season 3, but when it was rebroadcast, they had cut her out 
and replaced her scenes with reshoots featuring another actress. that 
actress continued this (new) character on the current season. they never 
gave a real reason why this was done AFAIK.


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