Fantasy Monarchies

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Tue Feb 4 22:46:43 EST 2003

> > Actually, the book *was* accepted by one company, but then the editor
> left,
> > and the thing was finally rejected *eleven* years later.
> >
> Crikey, Sally, that's a depressing story (I mean the one about your
> publishers, not the one you wrote).

It's an extreme example... but not unusual in kind, just in degree.  As you
know, being a writer yourself, there are more pitfalls and disappointments
than anyone every expects.  One of my favourite publishing-crassnesses was
when a small company rejected one of my books with the comment that "if this
writer is ever to realise her dream of publication, she must learn how to
write properly".  I'm afraid I wrote back and said gently that if the
reviewer cared to check Books in Print, s/he would note that "this writer"
had first "realised her dream of publication" 23 years before  - and 210
times since.

I also had a brief and undignified squabble with an editor who objected to
my style. She said it was "bad" and "unacceptable". I didn't *quite* ask her
if she wanted to call the 40 or so other editors who say my style is "good"


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