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> >losing weight.  The play was wonderful, but the female lead was...well,
> >was definitely not slender, but not what I'd call fat.

That reminds me of the Colleen McCullagh (sp...???) book "Tim". In the book,
Tim is "slow". When the book was filmed with Mel Gibson and Piper Laurie,
Tim became no more than "innocent". Which changed the slant of the story

(The play's author
> >is a very hefty guy himself, and I suppose I used him as a baseline for
> >'overweight.')  So we nagged him about it afterward, because what we
> >wanted to see was a VERY large woman who was also clearly an attractive
> >woman.  One of the things the playwright said about it, aside from other
> >casting issues, was that this actress did think she was fat.

I note that someone in the US has revised the recommended weight for height
downwards. This leaves previously "healthy range" people "overweight". It
has, however, brought me up into "normal range" for the first time ever...
I think this was a very odd thing to do. Why not simply broaden the range to
*let* me in and *keep* the others in?


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