Why Harry Potter is wonderful (was Re: : [Fwd: Bullying, DWJ, and Harry Potter...])

hallieod at indigo.ie hallieod at indigo.ie
Tue Feb 4 16:53:55 EST 2003


>Don't all y'all love my new subject line?  I've read fourteen books in a
>week, my brain is pudding, and I feel like going ten metaphorical rounds
>defending an unpopular topic.  :)

Lol.  The rest of you will perhaps be pleased to know that, while I 
haven't thrown the towel into the ring, I *have* invited Melissa to 
take it out back. ;-)   Seriously, it's all perfectly amiable, and 
this way we have all the rounds we want for her to attempt to 
persuade me that I want Snape as a teacher for my kids, and for me to 
attempt to persuade her - well, maybe I shouldn't reveal that part of 
my cunning and sneaky and underhand plot...

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