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Johanna wrote:

>I'm guessing "The Worst Witch" was the basis for a TV movie of the
>same name, which used to be shown every Halloween. I used to love that
>movie when I was younger. It had Fairuza Balk in it, who I quite >liked, & 
>I'd never heard anything about her again

Yes, I saw that movie once, it is indeed based on Jill Murphy's book. Wasn't 
Tim Curry in it too?
I actually keep an eye out for Fairuza Balk, being an Oz freak, as her first 
film role was Dorothy in Disney's "Return to Oz" when she was about 9 years 
old. She's been in some disturbing films since then, playing the bad girl in 
"The Craft", the cat/woman in a remake of "The Island of Doctor Moreau" (I 
probably spelled that all wrong), the corrupted schoolgirl in "Valmont" 
which is a version of "Dangerous Liasons", the main character in a strange 
movie called "Gas, Food Lodging", and smaller parts in at least two other 
unmemorable films I've seen. I like her when she's being open-eyed innocent, 
but find her creepy and disturbing in the more goth bad-girl roles she's 

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