Friendship and Fat and lit

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Tue Feb 4 01:41:19 EST 2003

Ms Kathleen Jennings danced around singing:
>Has anyone mentioned Polly's childhood friend in Fire and Hemlock? (I
>can't remember her name). She starts off fat, charismatic - and quite
>beautiful in Polly's eyes. By the time she has acquired a figure she is
>no longer a sympathetic character.

Hmm, that's right... I have F&H on my desk, so I'll check her name -- it's 
Nina Carrington.  She doesn't seem like a terribly nice girl much of the 
time in general, even though Polly adores her, but you're right, she does 
get a lot worse when she starts developing a figure.  Then again, I had the 
same thing happen with quite a few of my childhood friends: nice when we 
were kids, then went generally unpleasant as we hit puberty.

A lot of why I prefer children's titles over adult or teen-focused books, 
in fact, is because of how characters (and people) change after puberty.  I 
never went through that stage, as I was physically delayed and then lost 
the ability to produce hormone....  So to this day, I don't quite grasp the 
hormone-augmented mentality of anyone over about age 10.  Part of why I 
love DWJ is because while she does include romance in her plots at times, 
it's all based on friendship rather than lust -- I can understand that 
perfectly well, and I've got a LTR of my own that is the same way.  As I've 
said before, I just wish that other authors would do the same thing.

Recommendations for tales of friendship, anyone?  I quite like Diane 
Duane's "Young Wizards" and "Feline Wizards" series, in terms of magical 

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