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johanna at nobrandheroine.net danced around singing:
>The equating of "overweight" w/"of dubious moral quality" (ie. lazy or bad or
>just worth picking on) still irks me.

It bothers me as well.  My partner has bounced around on the scales quite a 
bit, as have my other close friends, but they're *far* more intelligent, 
ethical individuals than anyone else I've known -- which is why I'm willing 
to have them around me.  I've actually developed a slight prejudice against 
ultra-fit skinny cheerleader-types over the years, because they're more 
often the snarky judgmental sorts that would sneer at my "fat" friends for 
reading books or taunt them for being unpopular.

Another thing that should be realized is that some "fat" people are 
actually critically ill and only "fat" because they're stuck on high doses 
of steroids to keep them alive.  Individuals with lupus, MS, severe asthma 
(like me), and various forms of cancer fall into that category.  It's 
horrible to be feeling seriously ill and emotionally drained from severe 
illness, go out into society for a *very* rare treat, and have people glare 
or avert their eyes in an obvious manner.  One time I went to school to 
pick up classwork after almost losing an extended fight with pneumonia, 
still puffed up on steroids -- trust me, I was not eating much, nor had I 
for some time, so it was *not* dietary fat -- and my English teacher's 
first comment was that I'd gotten chubby.  Let me tell you, some kids may 
be fat, but people like her are ***holes, and that's MUCH worse in my book.

Anyway, regardless of good or bad writing style, I still resent the HP 
books for portraying it as cool/OK for Harry and Ron to mistreat 
Hermione.  I'll never like something that encourages the mistreatment of 
kind bookish people of either gender.  I know that JKR is likely to have 
Hermione date Ron, but I'd much rather see her reject him for being such a 
little jerk.  It's especially not cool that they only decide she's OK once 
she becomes physically attractive, as if girls these days don't have enough 
anti-intellectual pro-beauty messages as it is...

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