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On Tue, 4 Feb 2003, Sally Odgers wrote:

| On the other hand, the boy
|> in Hatchet; the girl in The Perilous Gard;
|Are you referring to Kate here? She isn't fat, she is just ungainly and has
|bad posture. It's her pretty sister Alicia who is plumpish and admired for
|being so.

Kate loses weight in some places (waist) and gains it in others
(breasts) when she returns home at the end of the book.

|> cares?  When thin people can eat three hot fudge sundaes, we say "oh,
|> how I envy you," not "oh, you're so gross".
|The difference with the above is that (naturally) thin people who eat those
|sundaes probably won't eat another meal until that lot's gone down.
|(Naturally) plump people tend to eat junk *plus* normal meals, while
|(naturally) thin people usually substitute.  As I said, I live with two
|(naturally) plump people while I'm (or was in my youth) a (natural) skinny.
|I've had 23 years to observe the differences between our eating habits. I
|love chocolate, but eat only a few pieces at a time. More than that makes me
|feel sick. The other two either eat none at all or scoff half a cake in one
|go. (It's usually none at all...)  The others both eat at leats twice as
|fast as I do, so their "fullness feeling" doesn't kick in until after
|they've eaten twice as much as I have.

This may be true of individuals in your personal experience, but it is
not borne out by (a) studies, or (b) everyone else's personal
experience.  I know plenty of naturally skinny people who eat non-stop,
and they aren't all teenaged boys.

And even if it were true, 3 hot fudge sundaes plus a normal meal is
*significantly* healthier than 3 hot fudge sundaes and no normal meal.
So again, as in the article (which I urge you to read), gut instinct
("they're eating more! bad!") doesn't correspond with fact ("they're
eating healthier.  er... good?").

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