Fat and lit

Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Mon Feb 3 19:08:28 EST 2003

 On the other hand, the boy
> in Hatchet; the girl in The Perilous Gard;

Are you referring to Kate here? She isn't fat, she is just ungainly and has
bad posture. It's her pretty sister Alicia who is plumpish and admired for
being so.

> cares?  When thin people can eat three hot fudge sundaes, we say "oh,
> how I envy you," not "oh, you're so gross".

The difference with the above is that (naturally) thin people who eat those
sundaes probably won't eat another meal until that lot's gone down.
(Naturally) plump people tend to eat junk *plus* normal meals, while
(naturally) thin people usually substitute.  As I said, I live with two
(naturally) plump people while I'm (or was in my youth) a (natural) skinny.
I've had 23 years to observe the differences between our eating habits. I
love chocolate, but eat only a few pieces at a time. More than that makes me
feel sick. The other two either eat none at all or scoff half a cake in one
go. (It's usually none at all...)  The others both eat at leats twice as
fast as I do, so their "fullness feeling" doesn't kick in until after
they've eaten twice as much as I have.

So - being a nat. skinny is a matter of luck as much as anything else. It
may also be tied to living in a small family as a child. Most big family
people learn to eat fast and eat lots before their sibs get the lot.

There's also a different sense of "treat" food. In my (small) family we all
felt ashamed to take the last piece of cake etc, whereas in big families
I've observed getting the last bit is something to gloat about.

It's certainly a curious business...


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