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--- johanna at nobrandheroine.net wrote:

> Wow! I'm guessing "The Worst Witch" was the basis
> for a TV movie of the
> same name, which used to be shown every Halloween. I
> used to love that
> movie when I was younger. It had Fairuza Balk in it,
> who I quite liked, &
> I'd never heard anything about her again, except now
> she's in a film
> that's in theatres (but I can't remember the name,
> of course).

Fairuza balk's career can be found here


As I mentioned in another post there is a more recent
TV series based on the Worst Witch, 1998 - 2001
>From the IMDB page on The Worst Witch I notice that
Diana Rigg (a lust object for any male who grew up in
the '60s) was also in it. Also of note was that Jill
Murphy sued JKR in 2001 - anyone know what happened
there? Unlike that other silly woman she at least has
a case, but if I was judge I'd throw it out of court.
Where would we be if authors couldn't copy each other?
(think of the fortune JRRT could have made)


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