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Mon Feb 3 17:14:18 EST 2003

> I agree - I can't see anything that was obviously copied, and I was a
> bit  perturbed that DWJ herself seemed a bit bitter in some of her
> replies. But  maybe I'm reading too much into them, or maybe the
> bitterness is just a  natural result of seeing someone else succeed so
> wildly in something you've  been doing for years without a tenth of the
> trappings of success that you  deserve...

Yeah, that's very understandable. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who
didn't really see an obvious HP-Chrestomanci connection.

> Anyway, as far as "lifting" details into HP, there are several books
> that  can get in line before the Chrestomanci series: Jill Murphy's "The
> Worst  Witch" series for one, particularly descriptions of certain
> potions lessons  with the nasty potions teacher who plays favorites -
> uncomfortably  reminiscent of certain scenes in HP, though "The Worst
> Witch" was written  for much younger readers and in far less detail.

Wow! I'm guessing "The Worst Witch" was the basis for a TV movie of the
same name, which used to be shown every Halloween. I used to love that
movie when I was younger. It had Fairuza Balk in it, who I quite liked, &
I'd never heard anything about her again, except now she's in a film
that's in theatres (but I can't remember the name, of course).


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