feminism and fairy tales course syllabus

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 3 14:46:27 EST 2003

--- Gili Bar-Hillel <abhillel at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Jon wrote:
> >The closest I have ever come to this was on my
> first
> >day at University. I was trying to impress a rather
> >attractive girl sitting next to me at a lecture
> with
> >stories of what i had got up to a school
> (activities
> >involving fireworks, time fuses and school
> assemblies
> >in the main) when she identified herself as the
> >headmaster's daughter.
> LOL!
> But I have one to top even that.
> I took one year of psychology at the Hebrew
> University, mostly because I had 
> the time, I was a faculty brat and it was free, and
> I had always wanted to 
> know a little more about my mother's work (she's a
> cognitive psychologist 
> specializing in decision research). It just so
> happened that that year my 
> mother was assigned to teach the mandatory
> Introduction to Statistics for 
> Psych students class. I had to take it, i had no
> choice, so did all the 
> other first year psych students, and it is
> traditional for all first year 
> psych students to loathe their Statistics professor.
> Anyway, during one of 
> the early classes, the girl sitting next to me - who
> later became one of my 
> best friends and also just happened to be the one
> who translated "Charmed 
> Life" so there's your ObDWJ - turned to me and said,
> "I hate this professor. She reminds so much of my
> mother."

Good one!


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