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Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at imperial.ac.uk
Mon Feb 3 09:18:35 EST 2003

> From: Charles Butler 
> From Narnia to Prydain to Middle-Earth to Earthsea, no fantasy 
> society seems to be well-adjusted without a true-born king sitting on a
> and wielding total power. No constitutional monarchies these! Let alone 
> democracies....

Chrestomanci's world isn't an absolute monarchy- he's appointed by some
government department or other. Ancient Dalemark's kings are more powerful
than the modern ones- the government seems to have evolved in a fairly
similar way to European monarchies.
This is actually one of the things that bugs me about Year of the Griffin.

It's shown as totally good that the Emperor overthrows the Senate to rule
absolutely- (him and his army)- they are corrupt and he isn't, and (implied)
never will be, because he and his chosen wife are Good. How about
*replacing* the Senate? We've seen throughout Derk and YotG that
"non-highborn" characters can be good, intelligent, etc, and yet the good
society must be ruled by an Elite. She didn't have to do this, she's set
things up differntly in other worlds, and that world is supposed to be
moving *away* from the Generic Fantasyland it was forced to be. It's one of
the things that makes that book feel more of a children's book than Derk, to
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