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Mon Feb 3 05:40:02 EST 2003

Jon wrote:
>The closest I have ever come to this was on my first
>day at University. I was trying to impress a rather
>attractive girl sitting next to me at a lecture with
>stories of what i had got up to a school (activities
>involving fireworks, time fuses and school assemblies
>in the main) when she identified herself as the
>headmaster's daughter.

But I have one to top even that.
I took one year of psychology at the Hebrew University, mostly because I had 
the time, I was a faculty brat and it was free, and I had always wanted to 
know a little more about my mother's work (she's a cognitive psychologist 
specializing in decision research). It just so happened that that year my 
mother was assigned to teach the mandatory Introduction to Statistics for 
Psych students class. I had to take it, i had no choice, so did all the 
other first year psych students, and it is traditional for all first year 
psych students to loathe their Statistics professor. Anyway, during one of 
the early classes, the girl sitting next to me - who later became one of my 
best friends and also just happened to be the one who translated "Charmed 
Life" so there's your ObDWJ - turned to me and said,
"I hate this professor. She reminds so much of my mother."

Gili Bar-Hillel
Tel-Aviv, tel.(03)5250014


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