fantasy monarchies

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Sun Feb 2 22:19:01 EST 2003

--- Sally Odgers <sodgers at> wrote:
> I still think
> > > most fantasy writers show a good deal of
> timidity in
> > > this matter.
> It's not necessarily the writers. Writers who go
> against genre 'givens'
> usually pay for their insolence in the swift return
> of their mss from
> outraged publishers.
> Sallyo -  (One Who Knows).

Do tell. (not that I'm surprised)
Was it you, an another letter on this topic, who
mentioned Xanth. IMHO Piers Anthony is an author who
is underrated simply because many of his books are not
very good. He actually has some very interesting
things to say. In the Xanth books for instance he has
managed a series almost devoid of physical violence.
He has also achieved, in "The color of her panties"
what has to be worst fantasy title of all time (I
supose it depends on just what you mean by "fantasy").
However the point about the King of Xanth is valid. In
a world where magic is vallued (and this is often not
the case in fantasy) it makes sense for the greatest
magic wielder to have the greatest political power.
Something that least players of role-playing games
should have learnt.

Jon (trying hard to think of fantasy democracy)

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