fantasy monarchies

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Sun Feb 2 20:09:42 EST 2003

--- Charles Butler .
> But that's exactly the trouble with these
> Aragorn/Taran types. They're
> always fortuitously both blue-blooded AND
> wonderfully noble at a personal
> level. Bit of a coincidence, that, and very
> convenient for an author who
> doesn't want to come clean and say which really
> matters most, birth or
> worth. I'm still waiting to find a fantasy where we
> are expected to applaud
> a fight (costing tankerloads of peasant blood, no
> doubt) to put some
> Trueborn Twerp on a throne he's quite incompetent to
> occupy. That would
> certainly clarify matters, and be a good deal more
> like life. I still think
> most fantasy writers show a good deal of timidity in
> this matter.

Yes, I'd love to see a True Heir who is the degenerate
product of four centuries of inbreeding, with a sexual
preference for piglets that is the result of having
spent his formative years as Third Assisant Pigkeeper
(and table manners to match). Terry Pratchett's Carrot
is in interesting example of a True heir who bucks the
trend - has all the right characteristics - just is
never going to be king and lives in a system which
works better for him not being king.


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