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--- johanna at wrote:
> > But life is more complicated than that and we have
> a whole lot more than
> > just those two choices.  JKR shows how it isn't so
> simple by her
> > depiction of the house elves.  Dobby wants freedom
> and he's willing to
> > learn what it takes to get there--and he is
> willing to do it the hard
> > way.  Other house-elves don't and that presents a
> dilemma.  

> > In short, I think JKR did the opposite of what she
> is accused of--it
> > would have been much easier to have house elves be
> happy in slavery.
> > Taking the easy out would have had Dobby happily
> settled into Hogwarts
> > as a contented house-elf slave and had Hermione's
> crusade confirmed a
> > joke when she is forced in the end to concede that
> they're happier when
> > they're slaves.
> Well, she may yet have to concede that--who knows?
> Winky seems pretty
> miserable, & either that could change, or Dobby
> could remain the only
> happy free house elf.
> Johanna

I suspect the point with the House Elves in the HP
books is to ask the question rather than provide the
answer. With House Elves there is no easy pat answer
as to how they should live, and that is JKR's point.
Even in the Potterverse there aren't always easy
answers. Interestingly there was a story about Dobby
in a recent Sydney Morning Herald, It seems he has
gone on to become president of Russia. Compare
pictures of Vladimir Putin with Dobby.

One thing I would like to see in a future book is a
"good" slytherin character (apart from Snape)


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