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> Here's a challenge: in which houses would the characters of 
> the Buffyverse be in?
> Buffy
A rebellious Gryffindor?  Yeah, that's about right.

> Faith
Way Slytherin.  She just doesn't see why all that morality crap matters

> Giles
Way Gryffindor.  Touch of the rebel, but buried deeply in a way only the
English can manage.

> Willow
Ravenclaw probably, but possibly a Hermione Gryffindor.  Hard to say if she
is more motivated by a sense of purpose/honor/goal or by study for its own
sake.  Lately, though, Willow has gone seriously Slytherin.  Even this
season, where she's been taming her nastier tendencies, she's still
motivated more by personal power than by either honor or desire to know.

> Xander
Way Gryffindor.

> Tara 
Hufflepuff.  Works hard in support of worthwhile goals and sacrifices
personal interest to help others achieve them.

> Oz
Gryffindor with a touch of Slytherin in there.

> Spike
Slytherin, moving to a Snape-type lately, but still Slytherin.

> Angel 
Buried the needle in Gryffindor.

> Cordelia
Started off Slytherinish (*so* self-absorbed), but has gone way too
Gryffindor lately.

> Anya
Slytherin.  Totally Slytherin.  Turned Gryffindor this season, though.

> Dawn
Hard to say.  I'd give her a choice between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff.  She
*wants* to be Gryffindor, but I'm seeing her more Hufflepuff, really.

Jacob Proffitt

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