: fantasy monarchies

Margaret Ball margaret at onr.com
Sun Feb 2 13:44:29 EST 2003

>I think the explanation may lie even deeper than JRRT's influence. Why would
>it be unthinkable for Disney - a good republican, no doubt - to make a film
>called The Lion President? Yet it would be hard to cite Tolkien's influence
>there, or even that of the Middle Ages. Must we turn to Jungian archetypes
>for an explanation?
Well...maybe all these fantasy writers had the same American Government 
101 class that I had in college...a class guaranteed to induce instant 
coma when thinking about politics. "Aaaah, I don't want to think about 
political systems, let's just have a king and be done with it."

No, actually I think you're right. There are certain themes that keep 
coming up. The True Heir, the Quest for the Magic Spatula, etc. Hmm. 
Maybe I should find Bruno Bettelheim's _The Uses of Enchantment_, he may 
have something interesting to say on the subject. (I've been ticked off 
at Bettelheim ever since he wrote an article in the early 60's opining 
that college education was wasted on girls because they were just going 
to get married and be housewives anyway....but maybe 40 years is long 
enough to hold a grudge <g> (I'm still mad at Joseph Campbell for 
similar reasons but am not ready to let go of that grudge yet))

Margaret Ball

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