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Sun Feb 2 13:17:17 EST 2003


>  > I'm sorry, but I can't buy that they are *so* different! 
>>  When I read the first Harry Potter book, the first thing I
>>  thought of was "this is like DWJ, only not as good".  Even if
>>  you say that it's only fair to compare the Potter books with
>>  DWJ's earlier works, such as Archer's Goon, Wilikin's Tooth
>>  and The Ogre Downstairs, then I still say DWJ comes off
>>  better.  I haven't read Archer's Goon or Wilikin's Tooth, but
>>  The Ogre Downstairs is still better than Harry Potter.  The
>>  characters are more realistic, the magic has synergy.  (Hmmm,
>>  must go and re-read that soon)  Though of course the obvious
>>  comparison is with the Chrestomanci books, particularly
>>  Charmed Life and Witch Week.
>>  Child-who-is-a-wizard-going-off-and-learning-magic-in-a-modern
>>  (ish)-world
>>  -- I mean, duh!  So obvious.
>Again, it isn't just the beginning of career thing, it's the huge difference
>in targeted age.  DWJ is writing for a 12+ audience and JKR is writing for
>8-10.  When it comes to reading, that's a *huge* difference.  For one, JKR's
>audience is only just out of picture-books.

Not saying you're wrong, but on what do you base this assertion?  I 
checked on Amazon.com, just for  interest, and found both HPs and 
_Charmed Life_ &  _Lives of Christopher Chant_ shown with recommended 
reading age as 9-12.  I certainly wouldn't take publisher's 
recommendations as written in stone, mind you, but you say so 
categorically that JKR is writing for a particular aged audience, 
that I got curious.


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