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Sun Feb 2 12:44:23 EST 2003

Ros wrote:

>  > I've finished _The Curse of Chalion_ now, and have even started to
>>  catch up on everything else I should have been doing, which I ignored
>>  to keep reading.  What a wonderfully satisfying book this is!  It
>>  reminded me strongly of _The Queen of Attolia_ at times (in the way
>>  it considered the relationship between a person and the gods who
>>  "use" him or her, and what that "use" means), and of _Falcon_ at
>>  times, (the second part, in the similarity of the fate facing the
>>  main characters), and even a bit of _The Element of Fire_, just in
>>  the way that characters show complete loyalty to others.
>I never thought of it before, but the themes in _Chalion_ *are* reminiscent
>of _The Q of A_, even down to the role of betrayal in the plot (trying to
>avoid spoilers here). The other books you mention I haven't read. (Who wrote

Sorry - _Falcon_ is by Emma Bull.


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