: [Fwd: Bullying, DWJ, and Harry Potter...]

hallieod at indigo.ie hallieod at indigo.ie
Sun Feb 2 12:37:17 EST 2003


>there's definitely more to address this in the foruth book.
>i dunno, now i feel like i'm overselling the fourth book. i 
>recommend seeing for yourself.

Yeah, well, it was unlikely that anyone on the list would have 
replied in a way which would have immediately convinced me either to 
read or to avoid the fourth book, though it was a tempting idea. :-)

>then agian, everyone else on this list seems to read about 800 books a second.

:-)  Not me.  I managed to get around to reading or rereading a good 
few books lately because I was in bed with the flu for several days. 
The books I wanted to read had piled up because I don't read 800 
books a second!

>  i barely read at all, so fitting HP into my schedule wasn't a 
>chore. i don't really understand how to find recommendations for 
>books (this is another topic entirely.) i like DWJ, i liked the 
>megan whalen turner books a lot. where should i turn next?

Well, it's a pity the Catherine Fisher books aren't in US libraries, 
as those just might hit the spot for you.  Have you read Emma Bull? 
If you haven't read them all, you might keep an eye out for _Bone 
Dance_ - it's weird and sad and wonderful.  (Talk about going out on 
a limb!  Playing book recommender in public. :-) )


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