: [Fwd: Bullying, DWJ, and Harry Potter...]

Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Sat Feb 1 21:50:43 EST 2003

And, yeah, the fat people are always the bad ones. Although this comes
> through in a lot of YA fiction--even DWJ... I'm just reading Castle in the
> Air for the first time, for example, & I'm thinking of Abdullah's fat
> nieces. Bah.

I suspect "fat" is picked on because it's something capable (mostly) of
change. Humans on the whole pick on people who are different (so do cows.
And birds). Skin colour can't be changed (unless you're Michael Jackson),
height can't either. Features, except by expensive plastic surgery, are
there for good. But weight *can* be changed without huge expense. In most
people. So it's seen as "more OK" to point at.

I know - tell that to people who have to work very hard to lose weight... (I
live with two of them). But *no* amount of work will make me grow taller or
shrink or turn my skin from fish-belly pale to a nice ebony.

There's one other option - clothing. But taste is also inbuilt. Is it fair
to sneer at people for having different taste?


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