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christian nutt ferricide at
Sat Feb 1 19:43:43 EST 2003

>It is trickier in sf/f, because in the world of the fantastic, it's easy
>enough to say that yes, there IS a race of creatures that exists only to
>be subservient & to make your tea. Maybe they do. Maybe that's all that
>Rowling invented them for. I'm a little sick of seeing that, though, &
>wish the notion would be interrogated more. It's tired & outdated.
>Falling back onto old, familiar stereotypes is an easy substitute for
>doing the work to figure out what really could be going on w/the house
>elves. If Rowling just wants a laugh, she could find other ways.

i don't think that's what she's going for.. i think that part of the texture 
of the whole house elf issue is that harry simply doesn't have any time to 
worry about anyone but himself -- he only tells hermione off about it when 
he's too preoccupied with the triwizard tournament. obviously ron just 
doesn't care/was brought up to think it's a-OK. i don't think the situation 
is played solely for cheap laughs, anyway.

there's also no indication that it won't be a continuing thread in the rest 
of the series. i doubt dobby and .. uh .. whatsit. i forget her name .. are 
going anywhere.

i think the lack of closure to the series is undermining some arguments 
here. maybe we should come back to the topic after books 5, 6, and 7 are 
out. =)


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