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Sat Feb 1 18:21:02 EST 2003

> Now, all of the worst criticisms people are making about the Potterverse
> in this thread, I agree that they are worrying and possibly going too
> far -- and upsetting for people who liked the Potter books, because some
> of the things people are saying -- like about Slytherin -- would make me
> want to throw all the Potter books against the wall!  My chief criticism
> of the Potterverse is that it's superficial, and not go in worrying
> about the deeper meaning of the Houses or the house-elves or whatever.

Heh. I'm definitely one who believes that nothing is "just a book" or
whatever. You can't take a book & excise it from the context in which it
was written, blahblahblah--as you can tell, I'm enjoying these
discussions. :) And I really do like HP... I guess it's that whole "I
critique because I care" thing, maybe!

Re: Chrestomanci books & HP--before I read the Chrestomanci stuff, I saw
on the DWJ site all those letters from fans saying, "Hey, what do you
think of Rowling? Don't you think she stole your ideas?" And I was really
curious to read them, then, to find out. I assume it IS those books to
which people were referring?

Anyway, I honestly didn't find anything that made me think Rowling
borrowed too heavily from DWJ--nothing like I'd been led to believe,
anyway. To me, the whole "adolescent witch & all the attendant trials &
tribulations at school" thing is a whole genre on its own, practically.
Just because you write about one doesn't mean that you're automatically
going to end up copying someone else... there are no new ideas left
anyway, right?

Or is it something specific in Chrestomanci, or in another book (that
perhaps I haven't read, being new to DWJ), that I'm missing? I'm still v.
curious. And sometimes my retention isn't the best--I read quickly, but
lose bits here & there.


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