feminism and fairy tales course syllabus

jackie e stallcup jstallcup at juno.com
Sat Feb 1 23:23:49 EST 2003

How interesting that you actually got to take a course with the person
whose book I'm using!  One of the fun things that I'm finding about going
to conferences is actually meeting people whose work I admire and use. 
It always amazes me that they are not only real people, but (so far),
kind and helpful as well.  (Ok, so I'm probably naive and easily amazed,
but still, it's that "star-struck" thing, I think).

It doesn't surprise me that the course that Tatar taught didn't go far
with the children's versions of the tales; the textbook doesn't really,
either, which is why I supplement with so many picture books (of course,
it's tough to anthologize picture books, but that's a whole other story).

Here, my colleagues usually associate "folklore" with me because of my
children's lit background (that is, if a student says, "I want to work on
folklore," he or she is usually told, "Oh, go talk to Jackie".  I've been
diligently trying to convince everyone that children's lit is only
tangentially related to folklore and that many folklorists are not
children's lit people and vice versa.  

Anyway, I would be interested in seeing the syllabus if you happen to
come across it at some point...

And, by the way, on a different topic, you also get sympathy from me
about the whole translating thing!


On Fri, 31 Jan 2003 08:49:00 +0000 "Gili Bar-Hillel"
<abhillel at hotmail.com> writes:
> Actually, Jackie, I audited Maria Tatar's class on fairytales (I 
> think it 
> was called "Fairytales and the Art of Childhood") when I was a 
> visiting 
> student at Harvard, and I thought *HER* syllabus was missing some 
> obvious 
> (to me) children's authors. I found her discussion on Anne Sexton to 
> be 
> fascinating, and I enjoyed great parts of the class, but at some 
> point 
> starting losing interest because I was so frustrated by where the 
> discussion 
> wasn't going - so many fun areas to explore that weren't being 
> explored. 
> Though I will admit part of my frustration stemmed from the fact 
> that I was 
> fighting an urge to monopolize all the discussions, when in fact all 
> auditors had been politely requested not to participate in 
> discussions as 
> there were too many students enrolled in the class anyway.... 
> Anyway, I've 
> just tried looking for the syllabus to that class in my papers, but 
> couldn't 
> find it. I'm sure I have it somewhere, I never throw anything away, 
> but it's 
> probably filed in the entirely wrong place...
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