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Melissa wrote:

>At least Ginny has a character.  It will be interesting to see if she 
> >starts taking more of a role in the next few books.

Joanne Rowling has hinted she would, in several interviews, as well as in 
the one and only letter she ever wrote me. I have written her three so far, 
in the hope that she would have time for one of her translators, but only 
the first was answered, though it was the longest one and the only one that 
contained a list of questions. About Ginny Weasley, I had asked if there is 
any intended connection between this character and the heroine of "The 
Canterville Ghost" who is also named Ginny (well, Virginia) and has twin 
brothers who are terrible pranksters, and could I infer that Ginny will play 
a role in lifting a curse off one of the ghosts. JKR wrote back that no, 
there was no intended connection, and that she had something "quite 
different in mind for Ginny, wait and see" or something along those lines. 
This was after the publication of "Chamber of Secrets" so I'm still waiting 
to see.

I totally agree about Ron and Hermione, it's definitely hinted at in the 

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