feminism and fairy tales course syllabus

Jenwa Hsung jenwahsung at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 1 08:57:33 EST 2003

deborah, responding to Gili responding to her comment
about Harvard (that Harvard thinks of non-Harvard as

>I shouldn't have said it, anyway, though.  In
>retrospect, it was unecessarily snide.  Mea culpa.

I have three responses to this:
1) I don't think it was said in a snide way, and it
was both true and interesting, so I'm glad you said
2) I think that the Harvard institutional feeling of
Harvard vs. non-Harvard is not unique to Harvard --
many of the educational institutions in the U.S. seem
to have it.  Certainly MIT did.  I think it's part of
the college experience -- becoming part of a
particular culture, hopefully one that you think has
3) Do you think the University in _Year of the
Griffin_ has this feel?  The denizens of Chrestomanci
Castle in seem to have it.  It's also reminiscent of
the two families in _Magicians of Caprona_.


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