Best of 2003 (excruciatingly long)

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Mon Dec 29 21:07:30 EST 2003

I snipped it *all*.

Evil cackle.

Thank, Melissa; that was better than a rubdown with a bunch of nettles. And
I agree with you on the List Intelligence. I was just saying to me sister
the other day that this is *the* list for cleverness. Means I can't keep up
with some of you, but hey - there's a nice parrable here.

When me son was at school, he always made frends with people more acadmeic
than he was. He had to work *really hard* to keep them in sight. Thus when
he went into the RAAFie course he had a lower opinion of his brains than
necessary. He aced the exams and beat the lot of them. I asked one bright
boy how that had happened, and he said : "you see, Mrs Odgers, Odge
*studied*. The rest of us coasted."

Sally O.

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