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Sat Dec 27 17:57:08 EST 2003

Charlie wrote:

>> The only dictionary in the house that lists the words together, Collins
>> Millennium (Chambers and the S.O.D. make no mention of this noun phrase)
>> does not have a hyphen between them, for what it's worth.

>That's not so surprising: I wouldn't particularly expect a hyphen in a
>sentence such as 'We will impose a policy of zero tolerance.' But when it
>changes from being a simple noun phrase to being a prenominal compound
>adjective (as in 'a zero-tolerance approach'), there are certainly people
>who would feel that a hyphen is required.

Yea verily, and likewise true for you, O king live forever.  I was just
amused that it had got into the dictionary at all, to be honest.  (I think
that the point is covered by Truss, but as I may have mentioned my copy has
been kidnapped alreay...)

>Personally I don't much care
>either way, and was only speculating as to what the person Paul mentioned
>might have objected to. In this, as in most things (including the Oxford
>comma), common sense and clarity of meaning deserve to prevail over both the
>Shambling Troll Illiteracy and its anally-retentive twin, the Giant
>In the spirit of Mark 2.27 -

Indeed yes.  Particularly important in the event that one has taken on
board Leviticus 23 entire, and particularly Leviticus 24.2 et seq., and
abides thereby  :-)  --jammy for the Archers, that lot is.  It is if they
get an EU grant for set-aside, anyway, but I suppose it would also depend
on whether the Lord gave anyone Barsetshire...


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