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Robyn Starkey rohina at
Sat Dec 27 12:51:26 EST 2003

>If it were "And, thingy" or "But, thingy", I might have to disagree with
>her, because those two *always* jar on me.  I have no idea whether there is
>any good grammatical reason not to use them; I just don't like them.

There is. "And" and "But" in this context are co-ordinating conjunctions, 
so technically, they create sentence fragments unless there is an attached 
independent clause preceding them. "So" is slightly different because in 
that case it may be argued to be carrying a different grammatical function 
(it can be a co-ordinating conjuntion). Technically it is an error, some 
style guides argue that And at the beginning of a sentence can be used 
sparingly to create a faster paced flow to a piece of informal prose. I 
disagree. I think every time I see these conjunctions they can be deleted 
without harming meaning.

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